Regulatory Action


The Regulatory Division advocates for progressive energy policy and monitors regulatory proceedings at the New Orleans City Council and the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) in order to hold electric and gas utilities and their regulators accountable to ratepayers. 

Additionally, we work with regulators and policy makers in order to develop and implement progressive energy policies for our state and nation.


What has The Alliance for Affordable Energy accomplished since the start of the 21st Century?


2012 - LPSC voted to approve a statewide Energy Efficiency Resource Standard. The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), in partnership with the Sierra Club, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, and other interveners had been working on these rules since 2009.

2012 - LPSC passed Integrated Resource Planning rules; Alliance wins ruling from Administrative Law Judge saving ratepayers $72M

2011 - Alliance invited to participate in New Orleans Integrated Resource Planning; Energy Smart program begins

2010- LPSC approved and begins the Renewable Energy Pilot Program, directing Louisiana utility companies to pursue 250 megawatts of new renewable energy generation by 2014 (2% of total supply for our state)
2008-Integral role in the passage of Energy Smart, a citywide energy efficiency program
2006-LPSC and New Orleans City Council Utility Committee to adopt net metering rules
2005-Held widely attended stakeholders meeting six week after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, garnering support for sustainable and inclusive rebuilding process with a focus on energy efficiency and global warming reduction initiatives
2004- Worked with coalition members and stakeholders to develop and advocate for the New Orleans Energy Efficiency Program (NOEEP), which a passed the New Orleans City Council on August 19th
2003- Senators John Breaux and Mary Landrieu both voted in favor of a 10% Renewable Energy Standard
2002- Persuaded the Louisiana State Legislature to pass a resolution creating a Climate Change Task Force comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders
2001-Successfully petitioned the New Orleans City Council to create a New Orleans Rate Payers’ Bill of Rights and establish a $6 million Public Benefit Fund
2000- Cosponsored major business conference with Pew Center on Global Climate Change- Entergy Corporation and the City of New Orleans on how businesses throughout the US have profited after “greening” their business practices