Energy Efficiency Rules Released!

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Regulatory Action

The state-wide energy efficiency rules have been released, finally, and they are beautiful!  Though most do not find energy regulatory policy language "beautiful", the Alliance and our members find beauty in rules that will save Louisiana residents truckloads of money. 

The rules are a good reflection of some hard won battles and strategic compromises.  We were successful in doubling the level of investment for energy efficiency for the start-up phase but did not get the Societal Cost Test as the primary cost effectiveness test.  The Alliance worked out a compromise with the Louisiana Large Energy Users Group to keep the rules on track.  This means that accounts with 5MegaWatts of energy use will be exempted from the start-up phase but in phase II, the LPSC will continue to work through how large industrial customers can benefit from participating in a state-wide energy efficiency program. 

Once the rules are passed, we will be working diligently to keep program objectives

front and center during the program design phase.  These objectives are clearly laid out in the rules:
*provide energy savings
*provide permanent peak demand reductions
*be cost effective
*reduce emissions including CO2
*lead to increased system energy security by reducing load
*reduce the need for adding more capacity

This is very good work from the LPSC but it's time to turn the draft rules into reality.  Call your Commissioner and ask him to put the rules on the agenda!

To read the rules, click here.