April FUELS Day protest

04/01/2009 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

(Hosted by our friends at Gulf Restoration Network)

Mark your calendars: April 1 is APRIL FUELS DAY

Time to tell Entergy that only a FOOL continues investing in and burning fossil fuels.

Join us for a march from the Gulf Restoration Network office (338 Barrone Street in the CBD) to the Entergy Headquarters for a protest of epic proportions!

Coal-fired power plants are one of the largest sources of air pollution in the United States. The consequences for human health are staggering, especially regarding particle pollution or soot, one of the most deadly types of air pollution in our country. Soot can trigger heart attacks and strokes, worsen asthma, cause an irregular heartbeat, and lead to premature death. Not only are coal-fired power plants a major source of soot pollution, they are also one of the largest contributors to smog in the nation. Smog is a mixture of fog and smoke, which contains sulfur dioxides. The damages from coal pollution continue after it settles to the ground, where it causes acidification of waters, soil nutrient depletion, and destruction of forests and crops.

Since first posting this event, the Louisiana Public Service Commission asked Entergy Corporation to immediately suspend the conversion of the Little Gypsy Plant to burn coal and petroleum coke, and to review the economics of the project. See the link below for details...

This is indeed a victory for the environment and all its advocates, However, Entergy Louisiana still plans on proceeding with other coal projects, and we must tell them NO!

Burning coal is a leading source of global warming pollution.
US EPA, 2008

THE REALITY: The coal industry is spending millions advertising "clean coal", but not one clean coal power plant exists in the US today.
IEA and MIT Databases, October 2008

Event details are developing rapidly, so check back before showing up for this awesome event.

RAIN LOCATION: We will meet at 4 pm at Cancer Survivor's Plaza, under the "pagoda". It's in the nuetral ground across the street from 639 Loyola Avenue, which is Entergy's New Orleans Headquarters.

Questions, comments? Contact Jenn at 832-465-7909 or jennifer.pipitone@gmail.com