Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy sources, such as biomass, wind, solar, river power and geothermal provides many benefits: 

  • Reducing consumption of fossil fuels 
  • Immediate environmental benefits
  • Stimulates the economy through new industries focused on renewable and efficient energy technologies
  • Reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign sources of energy, keeping energy dollars at home
  • Stabilizes energy prices by diversifying energy sources (In 2005 ACEEE found that a modest 2-4% reduction in natural gas use could reduce natural gas prices 20% or more.)


    This graphic is from Renewable Energy Policy Network- for the 21st Century's "Renewables 2012 Global Status Report"



    The Alliance and Renewable Energy Policies 

     As part of our work to promote renewable energy, the Alliance for Affordable Energy promotes the adoption of a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) for the state of Louisiana, which would require that electric utilities purchase or generate and increasing portion of their power from renewable sources.  The Louisiana Public Service Commission has yet to adopt an RPS for Louisiana even though 33 of the 50 states already have renewable portfolio standard. This decision requires careful consideration – an RPS might have a positive effect on our economy, but could also have a possible negative outcome.


     Say Yes To Clean Energy, Say No To New Coal Coalition

    As part of our work to fight Global Warming, the Alliance for Affordable Energy opposes the building of any new coal power plants and the conversion of any existing power plants to burn coal.  Along with our partners the Sierra Club, Louisiana Environmental Action Network and the Gulf Restoration Network, the Alliance is a proud member of the coalition. 


    To get involved in the Alliance for Affordable Energy’s work to fight Global Warming and restore our future, contact Alliance volunteer coordinater Jon Scott

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    The Alliance is a member of the 25 x '25 Alliance, a national organization whose goal is to move to 25% renewable energy sources by 2025.