Climate and Clean Energy


The Alliance recognizes the urgent need to directly and effectively address the climate change and energy consumption.   The Climate and Clean Energy Division focuses on grassroots organizing informed by our regulatory work.  We educate, organize and mobilize citizens to advocate for progressive energy policies as an essential tool for preventing the worst effects of global warming, in an effort to help build a movement that addresses the urgency and severity of this issue.

 Why we care?

Global warming, green house gases, population growth, consumption, and clean energy are such buzz phrases we commonly hear from the media with regards to the environment and sustainability. As a watchdog agency, we work behind the scene to promote efficient and transparent energy regulation in New Orleans and Louisiana. Scrutinizing such details in energy regulation is why we are here. As our mission statement says: The Alliance for Affordable Energy advocates for fair, affordable, environmentally responsible, community based energy. The decisions we make today about climate change and energy affects both present and future generations to come.