Volunteering for the Alliance


Volunteers are always welcome at the Alliance.  There are several different departments that could always use the extra help. So, whether you are office saavy, enjoy working with others in a collaborative effort or just looking to lend a helping hand the Alliance has an opportunity for you! The Alliance currently has multiple volunteer/intern opportunities available for Spring 2013.



Our Summer Internship program begins June 3rd, 2013, so if you're interested in helping us make a difference for Louisiana residents, please contact us today.  


Legal Intern

Climate/Clean Energy Intern

Communication Intern 

Development Intern 

Economics Intern 

Marketing Intern

Office/Outreach Intern






What will I do as an Alliance volunteer/intern?

Our Regulatory Division gives those interested in Environmental Law the opportunity to gain insight into what it takes to analyze policy and to advocate proposals.

The Climate and Clean Energy Dept. researches global warming, updates our social media sites on these issues and works with the Executive Director on climate and clean energy projects.


What are some of the benefits of volunteering at the Alliance?

  • Great networking opportunities.
  • Develop valuable business skills.
  • Experience in a comfortable work environment.
  • Gain knowledge in sustainable living and energy efficiency.
  • Cool  T-shirt
  • Be involved in outreach events at the some of the best festivals & events in the city of New Orleans. 

How do I get involved? 

If you would like to volunteer with the Alliance for Affordable Energy

please contact:  volunteer@all4energy.org 








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