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Casey DeMoss

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. DeMoss has spent her career solving human health challenges caused by poor environmental practices and policy in a myriad of cultures and countries. As an undergraduate at the University of Texas Austin, she worked with migrant farmworker communities to stop pesticide flyovers that were contaminating their homes. In the United States Peace Corps living among rural Mayan communities, she learned the value of relationships and listening to community voices. A Louisiana native, Ms. DeMoss has worked tirelessly to protect her home, culture, and coastline from damaging wetland and energy policy. Ms.DeMoss has been in the trenches of environmental justice work for seventeen years and has become a progressive energy policy leader both locally and nationally. She is a well-respected public speaker following her successful TEDTalk at the TEDxOilSpill conference. Ms. DeMoss earned her Master’s of Public Health in Biostatistics from Tulane University. However, she believes that her most notable accomplishments are being a breast cancer survivor and mother.

Logan Atkinson Burke

Manager of Administrative and Regulatory Affairs

Logan comes to the Alliance with 6 years of non-profit experience as a founder and fundraiser for the Committed To Equality Initiative. Logan is a recent transplant to New Orleans, coming from Los Angeles in 2013. After falling in love with Louisiana, her interest in conservation and energy policy led her to an internship with the Alliance, focusing on renewable energy policy. Logan’s interest in conservation, sustainability, and affordable energy stems from a passion for equal access to shared resources. Before settling into energy and public policy work, Logan worked for 12 years in costume design in New York and Los Angeles. She brings this creative experience to a city rich in the arts, and uses her education from Vassar College to approach difficult policy work with fresh perspective. Logan serves as a board member with HandsOn New Orleans, where she supports volunteerism as an important element of citizen engagement.

Yvonne Cappel-Vickery

Communications Manager

Yvonne Cappel-Vickery comes to the Alliance with several years of experience in environmental communication as well as french language education. Born and raised in New Orleans, Yvonne’s roots are in Acadiana, where her grandparents instilled the value of environmental conservation and preservation of Cajun culture. After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans with a dual degree in Communications and French, Yvonne began working for various environmental advocacy groups. Her heritage and deep-rooted passion for South Louisiana has driven her work in the environmental and consumer advocacy sector. Outside of the Alliance, Yvonne is a certified history tour guide and performs volunteer work as an advocate for french-immersion education in Louisiana.