About the Alliance

The Alliance is a non-profit, public interest, membership organization that advocates for fair, affordable, environmentally responsible, community-based energy. Founded in 1985, today the Alliance serves Louisiana's 1.8 million electric and gas rate payers by promoting citizen participation in the decision-making process, conducting community education campaigns on energy issues, helping citizens and businesses become more energy efficient, and working together for lower energy bills.


About our work


The Alliance for Affordable Energy is a unique organization in Louisiana and Nation because we look at all aspects of energy policy: we look at direct costs to consumers, but also the costs that are less easily measured – environmental and social costs that affect residents and utility customers. Our holistic approach not only includes the technical work of monitoring utility regulators and legislative bodies, but also our work in communities, teaching Louisiana residents about energy efficiency, and working to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. In order for the policy we promote to be successful, we must demonstrate to decision-makers both the possibility of a new sustainable industry in Louisiaiana and a demand for the social and economic benefits such green jobs would create. To this end, the Alliance has three programs to support our mission: Regulatory Affairs, Climate and Clean Energy, and Sustainable Rebuilding.


Our Programs

The Regulatory Affairs program is the core of our organization: this program works with utility regulators, monitoring utility companies and advocating for policies that are in the best interests of the utility customers, the environment, and residents of Louisiana. We monitor every significant action of both the Louisiana Public Service Commission and the New Orleans City Council, which regulates utilities for the city of New Orleans. By demanding accountability, transparency, and responsiveness, the Alliance has, over the course of 24 years, saved billions of dollars for utility customers.

Our Climate and Clean Energy Division focuses on grassroots organizing informed by our regulatory work. This division educates, organizes and mobilizes citizens to advocate for progressive energy policies to help build energy efficiency and renewable energy industries, working to reduce greenhouse gases and prevent the worst effects of global warming.

Our Sustainable Rebuild Division has its origins in the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Post-Katrina flooding created both a tremendous need for rebuilding and an opportunity to rebuild our homes and businesses in a more efficient and environmentally responsible manner. To this end, the Alliance works on the development and support of a long-term sustainable building marketplace in New Orleans and beyond. We have developed programs dedicated to energy-efficiency home improvements, including the building of an actual display home as part of our BuildSmart Learning Center, green building design, workforce training and solar technology.

We helped to create and currently promote the Louisiana Green Corps, which trains young adults in New Orleans to make energy efficiency improvements as well as preparing them for green jobs and better futures.


Central to our approach is a belief that solutions exist to our problems – whether they are high energy bills, environmental challenges, or lack of work opportunities for our young adults. And where some organizations are focused on being right in some abstract sense, we are more concerned in finding and acting upon solutions that meet our needs.

We take this solutions-oriented approach to all aspects of our work, focusing on the areas where we think we can have the most impact – whether it is advocating for specific policies, educating Louisiana residents, or working with the leaders of emerging industries.


As we like to say - Solutions Exist!