New Orleans City Council: Utility Committee Update

Today the Utility Committee of the New Orleans Parish Council passed a resolution on the Integrated Resource Plan.

The Utility Committee voted in favor that:

–         Energy Efficiency (Energy Smart Program) throughout the year 2014

–         NOLA Wise will continue to operate with the Energy Smart Program

–         A new docket to explore the increased benefits for renewable energy technologies in New Orleans.

 Within the next 120 days collaboration and adjustments will be made to the IRP for the Energy Smart Program for the next 2 years following the year 2014.

1.     Address budget for the next 3 years for Energy Smart Program

2.     Address how cost benefits tests will be used to ensure that energy efficiency is being evaluated on an equal basis with supply.

3.     A recommendation will be made for decoupling which changes the way utilities are compensated and removes dis-incentives for implementing energy efficiency